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Our technologies simplify processes and amplify experiences to make your workplace better and your work easier. We are a smart tool platform enabling unlimited integrations and clear communication with seamless virtual receptions and top-quality intelligent locker systems. Our solutions engage employees, connect creatives to consumers, and lead the way for true workplace evolution.

Our workplace consultants help you to interpret data and optimise your workspace in a way that best accommodates your culture and unique needs.

Vpod believes that the best solutions are Simple & Human – in whatever way our clients define these traits.


Maximise footfall, cut operational costs and provide a memorable end-to-end experience with Vgreet Virtual Reception.

Vflex Smart Lockers

Save on cost and space with flexible storage that processes multiple workflows.


Connect customers to experts at any time, anywhere, on any device while centralising resources and sharing real-time information with Dialog video concierge software.