Automated Parcel Lockers

Vpod’s Automated Parcel Lockers offer a frictionless delivery experience that ensures top security and convenience by:


  • Providing customisable designs through our in-house manufacturing
  • Enabling flexible parcel delivery and collection
  • Adapting to any workflow
  • Improving workplace productivity with efficient parcel management

Features & Benefits

Manage Deliveries At Ease
With digital reports, parcel delivery lockers can reduce delivery interruptions, enabling managers to remotely manage lockers and track and collect data on all deliveries entering the building.
Flexible and Hassle-free User Experience
Intelligent parcel lockers extend service hours to 24/7, available for recipients to collect parcels at convenient times that suit their schedules.
Smart, Safe, and Secure
A peace of mind that delivery items are securely stored and can only be collected through authentications.
Adaptable and Durable
Design the automated package locker system to fit into your current workflow and branding, while having the capability to adapt and evolve when the workplace needs change.
  • Live recipient email notifications
  • Integrated asset management system
  • Complete customisation and branding
  • Integrate with any software
  • 24/7 available
  • Contactless access and secure storage with PIN, QR code or RFID access
  • Real-time reporting on parcel locker usage and availability
  • Ability to process multiple locker workflows
  • Centralised parcel management

Efficient Parcel Management Anywhere, Any Time.

Why Vpod?

Through our consultatative approach and support, you have a custimised solution that solves the challenges and meet your needs. Vpod’s automated parcel locker solution is an expert-led innovation that adapts and evolve with your workplace, creatively driving your workplace engagement.

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