Automated Parcel Lockers

Are you facing a cluttered mail room? Are you looking for solutions to improve your delivery efficiency for online shopping? As the parcel delivery service industry grows, finding efficient solutions for package delivery and pickup has become increasingly vital. Parcel delivery locker solutions are an automated delivery point that offers a secure and convenient way for individuals to receive packages without being present, efficiently preventing thefts and missing deliveries.


Vpod Automated Parcel Delivery Locker System is a marketing-leading product that helps you to achieve a frictionless delivery experience that ensures top security and convenience by:


  • Providing customisable designs and flexible configurations through our in-house manufacturing.
  • Accessible via multiple authentication methods
  • Automating the package delivery process and minimising manual labour.
  • Offering an intuitive and user-friendly UI for maximum accessibility and availability.
  • Cloud-based locker software that can integrate with your existing platform.

How To Use Parcel Lockers?







Benefits & Features of Parcel Delivery Lockers

Manage Deliveries At Ease


With real-time daily digital reports, managers can track and collect valuable information about user activity and all couriers entering the building. Managers can remotely manage, update, and assign different workflows.

Flexible and Hassle-free User Experience


Parcel delivery lockers offer a flexible solution that enhances customer satisfaction for employees, retailers, pharmacies, residents, or any end users who require the flexibility to collect their items conveniently.

Higher efficiency, lower cost


Parcel lockers can not only improve the overall delivery experience for customers but also increase the efficiency of the parcel delivery service sector. An electronic locker solution handles the whole process from collecting parcels to notifying the recipients, saving the time spent on manually handling deliveries.

For E-commerce and retailers, parcel delivery lockers reduce the cost of last-mile deliveries, including failed deliveries and shipping returns.

Tailor-made to suit your business



Create innovative automated package locker bank designs to fit your current workflow and branding. The units are scalable in size to fit your specific needs – the choice is yours! Smart parcel locker software has the capability to adapt and evolve with the business, truly supporting company growth as the workplace’s needs change.



The intelligent parcel locker system enables secure storage and can only be accessed with a PIN code, QR code or RFID card. Guests and employees will have peace of mind knowing that delivery items are securely stored and can only be collected by the proper recipient.
  • Live recipient email notification
  • Integrated asset management system
  • Complete customisation and branding
  • Integrate with any software
  • 24/7 available
  • Contactless access and secure storage with PIN, QR code or RFID access
  • Real-time reporting on parcel locker usage and availability
  • Ability to process multiple locker workflows
  • Centralised parcel management

Efficient Parcel Management Anywhere, Any Time.

Industries & Applications

Innovative smart technology is a great addition to any industry: save space and money with one completely customisable parcel locker bank that can fit wherever you need it

Why Vpod?

Through our consultative approach and support, you have a customised solution that solves the challenges and meets your needs. Vpod’s automated parcel locker solution is an expert-led innovation that adapts and evolves with your workplace, creatively driving your workplace engagement.


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