Vpod At Sodexo HQ: The Holistic Approach To Workplace Management

Sodexo recognised the change in employee needs within the modern workplace – a space that could facilitate real collaboration and productivity. With this core tenant in mind, they reached out to Vpod which shares the same belief that people and tech work hand-in-hand to create the ultimate workplace ecosystem.

Employee Flexibility: Why the Future of Work is Human?

Explore what it means to have a human-centric workplace and how employees are reacting to change.

Technology and People: The Key to Unlocking Better Office Security

With companies doubling down on employee retention and investing in new technology like smart lockers to streamline their workflow,…

Space will cost you! How to maximise flexibility and space efficiency in your office?

Lately, we’ve used our blogs to discuss sustainable measures in the workplace and within an organisation’s code and culture. With the…

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