Boosting Workplace Productivity and Employee Engagement in 2024

Only 15% of employees worldwide feel engaged at work. Read our 10 useful tips and action plans to help you to improve your workplace productivity and engagement.

Information Security Features for Virtual Reception and Smart Lockers

We will talk about Vpod’s approach to information security concerning visitor management and smart locker technology, dissect the potential risks they pose, and delve into the strategies and best practices that can be employed to safeguard sensitive information.

How Physical Security Automation Will Promote Workplace Experience 

What is physical security automation? We explain how technologies can enhance safety protocols, address employee concerns, and promote a positive workplace experience.

8 Key Considerations to Enhance Visitor Management Experience

Integrating visitor management and smart storage solutions offers numerous benefits for organisations in enhancing the visitor journey. We explore the benefits of integrating these solutions and highlight the importance of a consultative approach in achieving a successful implementation and return on investment (ROI).

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