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Vpod’s employee day lockers offer a frictionless, personalised experience for every employee and visitor who requires flexibility by:


  • Providing customisable designs through our in-house manufactory
  • Enabling flexibility for employees and visitors through on-demand locker booking
  • Adapting to any workflow through software integrations
  • Increasing productivity at work by reducing interruptions due to lost or forgotten keys

Features & Benefits

Keyless, and Cost Less
Do you know businesses are facing 10% lost keys a month and spending £45 for every key replacement?
Smart personal lockers prevent the security risk and the loss of productivity, providing users with hassle-free keyless access to safe workplace storage.
One System, Multiple Uses
With one system, our day lockers can be used to book resources and reserve  storage space in advance. This provides greater support for guests and can be used for personal or team use.
Powerful Insights and Easy
Managers can access data of real-time locker usage across your premises while having the flexibility to manage and update them remotely.
A Personal Space In A Dynamic Workplace
Employee lockers are crucial to balance privacy and collaboration in the workplace. It encourages a better work-life balance and supports a hybrid working model.
  • Maximise flexibility with multi-purpose Smart Lockers
  • Easily accessible to visitors, hybrid workers, office staff and teams.
  • Quick and easy to book a self-serving office locker storage from mobile devices, available on demand
  • Branded bespoke Employee Locker design
  • Securely store belongings with QR code or RFID access
  • Real-time reporting, providing useful data on locker usage
  • Software integrations
  • Security alerts when a locker door is forced

Make Every
Storage Personal

Combining the latest technology with the highest quality of manufacturing, our Digital Locker Solutions reduce the number of lockers you need as well as the expensive floor space they occupy.

Why Vpod?

Our consultants work hand-in-hand with your team, to solve your challenges and transform your workplace. With the ongoing support we provide, Vpod builds a true partnership with your organisation through innovative and adaptable technology

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