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Vpod’s employee storage lockers offer a frictionless, personalised experience for employees and visitors who require flexibility. Expect to get:


  • Customisable sizes, colours, and designs through our in-house manufacturing
  • Greater flexibility for employees and visitors with on-demand locker booking
  • The ability to adapt to any workflow through easy software integrations
  • Increased work productivity by reducing interruptions due to lost or forgotten storage keys
  • The best practice for data security and care for high-quality technical standards

Features & Benefits

Keyless, and Cost Less

Did you know that many businesses lose 10% of their keys every month? With the price of a replacement being £45 for each access key, this can quickly ruin your budget plan.

This security risk and loss of productivity can be prevented by installing employee lockers in your building. Our personal smart lockers offer simple keyless access, ensuring that employees always have a safe and secure place to store their personal property.

One System, Multiple Uses

With one centralised system, our day lockers allow users to book resources and reserve storage space in advance. This feature is great for both personal use and team cooperation, and it provides greater support for new guests at the office.

Our personal lockers can also process multiple workflows to handle parcel delivery and store devices, making your office supplies 24/7 available.

Powerful Insights and Easy

Managers can access valuable data of real-time locker usage all across your locations so you can stay up-to-date with the inner working of the business. The locker system can be managed and updated from the office desk or remotely from home.

A Personal Space In A Dynamic Workplace

Employee lockers are crucial when establishing a healthy balance between privacy and collaboration in the workplace. Supplying employees with personal storage space – for their coats, handbags, chargers, and laptops – creates a greater sense of privacy at work and peace of mind. It encourages a better work-life balance and supports a hybrid working model.

  • Maximise flexibility by implementing multi-purpose smart lockers.
  • Easily accessible to visitors, hybrid workers, office staff and teams.
  • Quick and intuitive booking of a self-serving storage locker available on demand from a smartphone or laptop.
  • Protection of valuable possessions by storing them behind a locked and durable locker door.
  • Only accessible with a unique QR code or with authorized RFID access.
  • Real-time reports provide useful knowledge from data on daily locker usage.

Make Every
Storage Personal


Electronic employee lockers are an innovative solution that can beneficial to any industry:

We combine the latest technology with the highest quality of manufacturing to create a product that works. Our Digital Locker Solutions can help reduce the number of lockers you need, saving expensive floor space without compromising on shelf space.

Why Vpod?

Vpod’s experts take a consultative approach that uniquely meets your organisational needs.

You will be supported in the entire process, from solving your workflow challenges to bringing your team on board. It doesn’t stop there.

Vpod adapt with you to connect with your customers and engage your employees, as your business evolves.


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