The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Lockers For Your Office

With workplace evolution reaching new heights, traditional ways of working have changed, and so have the tools and systems in place for efficiency. In this guide, we evaluate how a seemingly simple Storage Locker has become an essential smart tool for businesses that need flexibility, as well as how to find the best Workplace Locker for your needs to empower both your employees and customers.

Workplace storage: From traditional to digital

When considering storage lockers, we often think of traditional, ‘lock and key’ cabinets. Although still in use, these have proven to provide a very basic function of storing items that need to be both safe and accessible for the user.

As the world progressed to become more digital, the function of these classic, ‘lock on a box’ lockers had to develop with it. Intelligent lockers became the solution to not only meet the needs of users but increased efficiency in the modern workplace by:

Additionally, to support employees’ needs around not having a dedicated desk or storage space, flexible workplace storage is vital. It assists in removing the barriers to flexible working – making employees feel at home while supporting total freedom of movement in your workplace.

What are intelligent lockers?

An intelligent locker is a secure storage space that uses smart technology to solve the challenges of traditional lockers and enhance the locker user experience as we know it.


A McKinsey article pointed out that, in order to prepare for the future of work, “organizations need to fully understand the nature of work they do, who is needed to perform that work, and where that work is done.” These lockers have innovative, integrated technology built into them to assist in simplifying different workflows, from storage to asset management – making them a perfect, space-efficient addition to any workplace.

In understanding their distinctive, digital value compared to traditional lockers, intelligent lockers for office space also provide improved savings on business costs, improved security measures, as well as improved user experiences for hybrid workers who require flexibility.

How do intelligent lockers work?

According to Microsoft’s Future of Work Report for 2022, “new technologies that make the office even more useful will likely increase the productivity effect of the office.”

Intelligent lockers for offices are simple to use, as and when needed, and their integrated software and customisable modern designs play a bigger role in employee and visitor engagement than one might expect. So, what more could a workplace locker do, and how do you access it without a lock and key?

Things to consider when choosing lockers for your office

Whether you have been looking for traditional office locker systems or an electronic locker, here are some crucial aspects to look at first.


1. Flexibility to accommodate different employee needs

Although beneficial, intelligent lockers do have their own limitation: only being able to process one single workflow in one locker bank.

Research suggests that businesses in England and Wales are wasting £10 billion on under-used office space every year. Efficient, cost-effective workplace storage is crucial, yet many aren’t aware that:

  1. 30% of their lockers are not being used
  2. Purchasing different locker configurations to process multiple workflows is required

Consider a locker system for your office that can not only adapt to your current workflows but also allow your employees to flexibly store belongings, return IT devices, as well as simply pick up their parcels – on every level of your office.


2. Do you need keys? Unlocking new workplace experiences

With one of Vpod’s customers facing 10% lost keys per month and costing the business £45 for every key replacement, the high cost behind lost keys goes to show the security risk and the loss of productivity for businesses.

With no additional physical keys to remember, having intelligent lockers for office space provides visitors with hassle-free access to safe workplace storage. Consider a contactless solution that enhances user experience and provides secure storage. An intelligent locker system requires an access code, order number, or barcode that the user can scan through an RFID card, mobile credential (e.g., phone or smart device), or an app.


3. Modern designs that keep up with the times

We highlighted how lockers are accommodating the shifting needs for collaborative office spaces. However, choosing a locker system for office, that can be designed and customised to suit individual branding and professional preference, is crucial to empower individuals by giving them choices for where, when, and how they work.

Vpod take a consultative approach to understanding our customers’ challenges and needs, offering flexible configurations and designs to match your organisation’s branding and office space..


4. Sustainability and durability

Our in-house manufacturers come with high-quality craftsmanship and a commitment to workplace sustainability.

With a wide selection of different materials to choose from, cutting-edge engineering and highly skilled technicians, we provide superior value to assist the sustainable growth of our customers.

Not only are our intelligent lockers environmentally friendly, but our Central European location ensures that it commits to a short supply lead time of four weeks. This makes sure that your people can start using their lockers as soon as they set foot into their updated smart office.

Consider intelligent locker system for offices that are built to last. Being a cloud-based solution, they save you the costs of repurchasing from the ability to be regularly updated. They adapt to your organisation’s evolving needs over the years to come.

Different types of locker systems for office

The most common office lockers are personal storage lockers, lockers for deliveries and lockers for IT teams.
To save space and cost, Vpod have introduced the multi-purpose Intelligent Locker – combining all functions and workflows into one locker bank.


Benefits of intelligent lockers


Save space and cost


Remote management and full
visibility on usage


Hassle-free user access


Provide employees with

Traditional vs. Electronic Lockers

To summarise this guide, traditional lockers can be very difficult to operate for people who work in more than one location and need adaptable measures in place.

The table below provides a summarised comparison of a few main perks and differences between a traditional locker, a general electronic locker, and an intelligent locker:

Traditional Lockers
General Electronic Lockers
Vpod Multi-purpose Intelligent lockers
Software integration and adaptability
Strong security measure (e.g. locks can’t be picked/cut)
Process multiple workflows
Data report on locker usage
Booking flexibility
Bulky designs
Keyless access