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Vpod’s IT lockers make managing the distribution of your IT assets to employees or the IT team even easier by:


  • Offering total customisation on locker function and design
  • Making office supplies available 24/7 with efficient asset management
  • Increasing productivity at work by easing the logistics of dropping off or collecting devices

Features & Benefits of IT Lockers

Reduce workload for IT Team
Create less stress and an easier process for your IT team with device lockers.
Installing an electronic locker provides the team with clear asset management and a simple collection solution for repairs that is ideal for hybrid workers.
24/7 IT support for hybrid workers
Take IT support to the next stage when device issues can’t be solved through remote access.
An IT locker solution enables remote and hybrid workers to drop off and collect devices at their own schedule.
Digital Tracking and High Security
Manage internal access and security with complete visibility of electronic device locker usage.
By providing a complete audit trail on all IT asset drop-offs and pick-ups, you have a remote control to prevent loss.
  • Same locker bank with multiple locker workflows.
  • Automate asset management
  • Integration with the ticketing system
  • Alerts when devices are not returned
  • USBC and laptop charging port
  • Securely store IT devices with QR code or RFID access
  • Real-time reporting on locker usage

Seamless IT support For Every Space

How To Use Electronic Device Lockers?






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