Armed Forces Covenant

by | Nov 11, 2022

The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise by the nation ensuring that those who serve or who have served in the armed forces, and their families, are treated fairly.

The Covenant supports serving personnel, service leavers, veterans, and their families, and is fulfilled by different groups that have committed to making a difference.

Businesses and charitable organisations that want to demonstrate their support for the Armed Forces community can sign the Covenant. Organisations can make a range of written and publicised promises to set out their support to members of the Armed Forces community who work in their business or access their products and services.

The level of support depends on the size and nature of the organisation, but typically includes policies that: encourage reserve service; support the employment of veterans and service spouses/partners; give the Armed Forces community a fair deal on commercial products and services. More than 800 businesses and charities have signed an Armed Forces Covenant, and that number continues to grow.


Vpod Solutions pledge to:

  • Offer guaranteed interview schemes to Veterans seeking employment.
  • Support the employment of Service spouses, partners, and dependants.
  • Offer additional (paid and/or unpaid) annual leave to Cadet Force Adult Volunteers to help them carry out their training requirements.
  • Work with relevant charities and the Career Transition Partnership to offer work opportunities to the Wounded, Injured and Sick.
  • Support Reservists by offering them additional days of annual leave (paid and/or unpaid) to carry out their duties.
  • Promote the Armed Forces Covenant and our support for the Armed Forces. Community to our staff, customers/service users, supply chains and the wider public.
  • Support or promote Armed Forces events, such as Armed Forces Day/Week, Reserves Day, the Poppy Appeal and Remembrance activities.

Vpod Solutions are also Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) Bronze award holders.

The Employer Recognition Scheme publicly recognises employers’ efforts to support Defence personnel issues, such as employing reservists and veterans, while encouraging others to do the same. The scheme encompasses Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for employer organisations that pledge, demonstrate or advocate support to Defence and the Armed Forces community, and align their values with the Armed Forces Covenant.

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