Vgreet Integrated Visitor Management System

by | Oct 13, 2020

We previously discussed the topic of how to choose the best market offerings for visitor management. What do we need to know about choosing the right solutions? What’s so special about an integrated visitor management system?

In this blog, we will explain the visitor management system‘s hardware, database, and software integrations.

We will cover the following topics:

  1. Why use a visitor management system? The five drivers
  2. How do visitor management systems work?
  3. Vgreet’s visitor management software
  4. Vgreet’s visitor management hardware
  5. The benefits of using an integrated visitor management system
  6. A free downloadable guide tailored for you to improve your visitor experience

What is visitor management?

First, Let’s start by explaining the concept of visitor management. There are different types of visitors coming to one corporation’s office, including contractors, employees, prospective new hires, delivery drivers, customers, business partners and cleaners. Visitor management is an approach an organisation take to identify different types of visitor and record their visits to ensure the building’s safety.

A visitor management solution can be introduced to not only provide a great first impression to visitors and employees but also provides the tools for the Facilities Manager to keep the building running efficiently

An integrated visitor management system

A visitor management system (vms) is a solution that improves visitor experience and reception management, it is a useful tool for organisations to streamline their visitor management process with technology, security, communication and analytics.

A visitor management system should be able to be integrated into different systems in your building to increase your workplace productivity and efficiency. It contains three key elements:

  • Visitor Management Software: The brains behind the operations ensure the process is easy to manage and runs smoothly.
  • Database: This is where visitor details and visitor logs are stored.
  • Visitor Management Hardware: They are installed to deliver services such as visitor management kiosks, QR code scanners, visitor pass printers, thermal imaging cameras and more.

The 5 main drivers of using a visitor management system

Vgreet is an integrated visitor management system in the UK that is an effective visitor management solution that solves many challenges for receptions and focuses on 5 strategic objectives:

  1. Improve your workplace safety
  2. Increase workplace and visitor management’s digital efficiency
  3. Improve workplace productivity, meeting starts on time, every time
  4. Deliver a better customer experience and a great first impression for visitors
  5. Reduce cost: Cut cost out of the processes to reduce wastage

What is visitor management software?

Visitor management software can be categorised into:

  • Legacy on-site software which can be costly to purchase initially and requires maintenance, upkeep, and updates.
  • A cloud-based visitor management system which is more cost and time-efficient without hardware maintenance or repairs (Source: Forbes)

Visitor management software combines technology, security, communication and analytics to deliver an efficient process.

It can be integrated into a desk and room booking management system and access control systems, managing the visitors from the moment they’re invited to a meeting even before coming to your building, to when you wave goodbye to them.

The benefits and features

Users can manage visitor lists, information and employee lists using the visitor dashboard feature. The features include:

Meeting room booking software integration

The least an organisation wants is to adopt a new solution that is isolated from other systems of the building. Visitor management systems can therefore be integrated with meeting room booking software like Condeco, so your visitor data and meeting information are always accurate to the minute.

Whether your visitor is sent an invitation through Condeco or Office 365, visitor management systems can capture the visitor details and meeting update so your reception team can always stay informed.


What is visitor management hardware?

If the software is the brain behind the operations to ensure the process is easy to manage and runs smoothly, then the hardware you choose is relatively crucial to ensure visitors have a great physical experience in your office.

1. QR code scanner and visitor pass printing

When the visitor arrives at your reception, they’ll see the Vgreet visitor management kiosk in your building. The visitor management kiosk will prompt them to use their pre-registration QR code without doing the self-registration again in three seconds. A fully automated and contactless check-in experience starts at scanning the QR code with Vgreet visitor management system hardware. A visitor pass is printed after they are checked in.


2. Motion detector and voice activation

The concept of touchless interactivity has become a key part of today’s visitor check-in process. Vgreet’s visitor management kiosk is equipped with motion detectors and voice activation to remove the need to touch the screen and contamination risk.



3. Facial recognition and thermal imaging

Using a visitor management system with facial recognition and temperature screening technology, every arrival can be fully screened for extra safety.


Vgreet visitor management system

1. A visitor management tool designed to be customised

Vgreet visitor management kiosk is fully customisable, you can decide:

  • which information you want to put on the screen: live traffic, office map, a survey, and much more.
  • branded with your company logo or design your theme colour

2. A more personalised customer service to impress your visitors

Vgreet visitor management kiosk also additional information and services such as:

  • Direction to the meeting room via an interactive map
  • Live traffic information
  • Face-to-face remote receptionist video concierge when visitors need help
  • A dashboard of smart building’s information such as building usage.
  • Leave a feedback
  • and more.

The benefits of using an integrated visitor management system

So we elected to tackle all of those shortcomings, by adopting three fundamental approaches:

1. Own the whole journey

You can control your visitor’s experience from meeting invite to them leaving your building. Visitor management apps or iPad are not always available for integration. Owning the whole journey means you can easily manage your meeting room, visitor entry, building usage all at once.

2. Outstanding in every area

Integrate with partners that are best in class. It means your reception management system has the ability to scale and stay at the forefront of each respective field.

3. Bring your visitor’s journey to the next level

Think ahead. Most visitor management starts with one simple task – to improve the all-important first impression. However, an integrated visitor management system can:

  • Improve workplace safety strategy that readily communicates that you take employee and visitor safety seriously.
  • Express check-in drastically reduces transition times through the reception area
  • Remote receptionists upgrade the staff and team safety whilst maintaining a ‘service-first culture.
  • Flexibly designed into the solution! The customised visitor journeys cater for every enterprise-grade need and can be accommodated with ease.

Read more about how visitor management systems can benefit your business.


Should visitor management systems replace people?

We often have people asking, automating the visitor management process is to get rid of people.

but for us, reception staff is crucial to complement the visitor journey – the personal touch.

We have a very detailed blog talking about how visitor management systems can save cost, but we recommend not just taking the efficiencies as cost savings but redeploying staff and retraining them.

Looking further than visitor management

Choosing an effective visitor management software that benefits your employees with suitable hardware to deliver a touchless and frustration-free experience to the visitor. That’s why Vpod partnered with cloud-based visitor management systems Proxyclick and Condeco, bringing you a smart answer to visitor management.

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