Revolutionised Lockers for Office Staff

by | May 07, 2021

Today’s workplace looks different to the one we left behind and so do our workflows. From our commute to the way we hold meetings – the new way of working looks a lot more flexible. We’ve built a range of Staff Lockers to suit the purposes of organisations who are moving with the times.

The lockers for Office Staff: What is Hybrid Locker?

Our hybrid lockers for office staff provide maximum flexibility so that each staff locker cabinet can be assigned with a different purpose: parcel management, IT/assets, or day lockers.

Our Vflex smart lockers allow you to maximise locker utilisation, minimise costs and save on space. Make the experience convenient for those that want the office to work for them.


4 reasons why Lockers for Office Staff need a renovation

For Facilities and Corporate Real Estate there are four huge gains:

1. Only 70% of the staff locker cabinets have been used

Traditional locker cabinets were built around a single purpose but operated at 70% utilisation. This meant only 70% of the lockers were used – despite taking up 100% of the floor space.

2. Space efficiency

Our analysis shows that over a 5-year period, the space-saving of 30% by using hybrid locker solutions (and making them work smarter) was actually greater than the cost of the lockers themselves.

Space efficiency combined with ROI and total cost of ownership makes a compelling dual set of arguments. This is especially relevant now, in times when every inch of corporate real estate is being questioned or falling under pressure.

3. Employee experience is key

As part of the smart workplace trends, the employee experience has become more important than ever. Today, the workspace enables people to be productive. It should be designed around people and their needs. This replaces the traditional concept of ‘workplace’, where people worked around the features of the space and IT provided.

The office will only remain relevant and work as a productive space if the experience for the end-user is optimised, the cost minimised and process efficiency maximised.

74.83% of managers believe covid-19 has accelerated the adoption of workplace technology by 1-5 years.

Source: Facilitate Magazine

Implementing Locker For Workers that adapt to meet their needs, the employee experience is improved:

  1. No more lost or missing keys.
  2. No more time was wasted, searching for an available locker. Lockers on demand are here!
  3. Multi-purpose Staff Lockers allow for contactless delivery, personal storage, and returning IT devices.
  4. Access lockers when your staff need them – from your mobile phone. Picking up a parcel or new IT? Need to store your kit whilst you head out to lunch? Book your locker with a simple tap on your phone or make a quick visit to the staff locker’s kiosk.

Other Lockers in Our Range:


Features of our Staff Lockers

1. Sustainable and Precise Locker Manufacturing

Our in-house locker manufacturer highlights its high-quality craftsmanship and its commitment to sustainability. With a wide selection of different materials to choose from, cutting-edge engineering and highly skilled technicians – we offer superior value at a fair price.

The Central European location ensures that we commit to a short supply lead time of 4 weeks so that your people can start using their lockers as soon as they are welcomed back into their new, smart office.

2. Powerful Integration

From meeting room booking to asset management, our Lockers For Office Staff can have multiple workflows all in one locker cabinet.

The user interface has the ability to check visitors in, book a desk or a meeting room, wayfinding, and manage multiple locker workflows.

3. Flexibility: The multipurpose locker for office staff

With our flexible staff locker system, increase your utilisation with easy access to web and hardware booking. In one smart user interface, this locker system for staff makes workflows more efficient and manages the chain of custody and availability. The ease of access it provides allows for the ultimate flexibility.

4. Easy access

Our easy-access tools are key to delivering high productivity and an efficient experience. We have four access/booking options:

  • Pre-booking via a simple web browser on a desk or mobile device. Book a staff locker before you arrive at your destination.
  • Within the locker bank in the device panel
  • From your corporate App.
  • From your Front of House or on-floor Vdesk/Vgreet user interface

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