Reception management


What is the best way to manage the reception area? Are you looking for a reception manager? The main problem is that having more receptionists do manual jobs is not the most efficient way to run reception; it leads to an inconsistent visitor experience, high-cost headcounts, and staff boredom with a high turnover rate.

What does your reception look like?

With a receptionist married to the help desk, answering calls and running check-in for employees and visitors all day? Or with a Front of House team who can move around freely to greet visitors, while the front desk still runs smoothly?

There will always be times when the assistant needs to move away from the front desk, so securing consistent reception management with a digital reception service might be just the way to give your reception a modern update.


How can reception management software help?

Receptionist software is not here to replace face-to-face reception services but is instead designed to be an asset to organisations that want to redefine the reception management job description and enhance the experience of going through the reception room.

Reception management software is key to improving your guest service, enabling the reception manager to specialise in the FOH jobs that require a distinctly human touch, while the technology handles contactless check-in and the rest of such repetitive tasks.

Vgreet reception management software poses ROI to the business through:


  • Reduced administrative costs.
  • Improved security and compliance.
  • A memorable and consistent visitor experience.
  • Improved efficiencies through streamlined manual processes.
  • Enhanced effectiveness of in-person staff who can now provide top-quality concierge-style customer service.
  • A tailored and flexible guest management approach that can adapt and evolve with the organisation and their operations.

Taking your Guest Management to the Next Level: The Benefits

Vgreet virtual reception is a cloud-based system that integrates and connects with whatever siloed systems and applications the organisation already uses, ensuring that it fits into any workflow at the workplace. With intuitive UI, tailored features and a customisable interface, Vgreet’s innovation makes sure your reception management makes a lasting impression on visitors, contractors and employees alike.


Save both time and money at the reception

Vgreet offers a full-time, 24/7 reception management solution: providing real-time visitor data reporting and analysis, seamless sign-in, badge printing, delivery management and more for your company.

With fewer manual tasks, FOH administrative costs are reduced, and staff can now feel free to focus on meet-and-greet services and professional customer care.

A guest notification system that delivers smooth communication

Guest management requires smooth communication between departments and building systems for the best efficiency. Once a visitor is checked in, the system sends a client arrival notification to the host. It also populates Outlook and the meeting room booking system to get the most up-to-date meeting details, notifying the facilities team and security team.

Every guest notification is automated, and information is easily accessible, which makes for smooth guest management.

Reliable on-site security and data compliance

Vgreet facilitates visitor registration, identity verification and integration with access control. All data is logged and accessible as digital reports for audit purposes. In case of an emergency, updated visitor data can be recalled to check how many people are in the building and where they are, which greatly improves safety in the office.

Vgreet is ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant, preventing corporations from receiving high fines. The file system helps corporations follow new policy and regulation changes much more easily.

Personally tailored and completely customisable

The Vgreet interface and design can be completely customised to fit any organisation’s needs and personal branding – Fitting into any workflow and adapting to each organisation and individual facility. There is a diverse selection of features and applications for Vgreet to perform with; whether you want health checks, food delivery or quick document signing.

This allows for a personalised visitor experience that reflects a high consideration for customer service.

Improve customer engagement and experience

Great reception management makes a great impression. What is a reception if not the face of the business? Rather than putting technology above familiarity, Vgreet prioritises ease of movement, productivity and high-quality customer service.

The face-to-face experience is not replaced: you can reach virtual receptionists on video calls directly from the Vgreet kiosks, or recruit skilled on-site reception managers to focus on high-quality customer service.


Your Reception, Your Way: The Features

  • An automated meeting invite with QR code check-in and pre-registration ability
  • Live travel, weather & news
  • Instant host notification
  • Opt-in / out photo capture
  • Display key information such as health and safety and building information
  • Indoor wayfinding
  • Local language translation
  • Covid screening and COVID passport validation
  • Visitor, employee and event self-check-in

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