Retail Click & Collect Smart Lockers | Collection Lockers

Providing shoppers with convenient solutions on their schedule, Click and Collect Lockers lower your likelihood of lost business by enabling flexibility and eliminating sales restrictions.

Click and Collect Lockers for retail caters to digital and physical shopping patterns. They ensure that companies not only remain competitive, but that consumer expectations will be met in an easy and flexible way. Retail Smart Lockers streamline processes for multi-channel fulfilment, and maximise trading potentials for businesses.


Comprehensive features for an all-round experience

Reduced delivery and returns costs
Maximise in-store footfal
Increasing efficiencies and reducing errors
Extending service hours to 24/7
Enhancing customer satisfaction
  • 24/7 availability for order collection
  • Centralised repository with remote management
  • 2-factor authentication for collection locker access through QR code, PIN number, or mobile app
  • Easy integration into any eCommerce platform or 3rd parties
  • Recipient notification and push reminders for order collection
  • End-to-end audit trail
  • Complete customisation
  • Flexible door configurations for click & collect and returns
  • Real-time usage report

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Why Vpod’s Retail Click & Collect Lockers?

Engage Online Consumers With Better In-Store Experience

Delivery speed, process efficiency, and cost are now the main drivers for in-store collection. With drop points located inside or outside, Retail Lockers offer a flexible solution for customers to collect or return their orders at convenient times while encouraging impulsive shopping.

Reduced errors, increased reliability

For businesses, having more staff readily available for customers on the floor means that employees spend less time looking for correct orders in storerooms. This reduces the chances of handing over the wrong items and spending time fixing errors, leading to repeat business from increased reliability.

Adaptable platform with maximum flexibility

Whether you want to mix and match configurations, customise the locker banks to your branding, or integrate them into your business software, Vpod?s Click & Collect lockers offer a flexible solution tailored to your needs.

Why Vpod?

Vpod’s Retail Lockers for Click & Collect are ideal for businesses that want to automate manual pick-up processes or expand their customer base with contactless delivery. With a consultative approach and our market-leading expertise in locker technology, the team work passionately to solve your challenges and adapts to your business growth to lead the retail evolution.

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