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What is a digital visitor log?

Traditionally, visitor logs are created using visitor sign-in books. However, visitor management systems can now automatically generate and monitor digital visitor logs when they are on site.

What are the benefits of using visitor log software

1. Building your CRM database

A Visitors Log Monitoring System allows you to review and analyse the visitors who have been coming to your building; including their details and purposes of visiting your building, how long they have stayed, or which persona comes to your building the most. Data Science is the central idea of creating an electronic visitor log – the ability to understand it, process it and extract value from it (Source: McKinsey).

2. Better visitor experience

With visitor sign-in books, visitors are often required to wait in a queue at a reception desk and wait for the receptionist to manually check and key in their details. Thus, potentially causing them to be late to a meeting.

However, digital visitor logs allow visitors to check-in quickly and smoothly by recording visitor details when they are pre-registered and automatically changing their status on the Visitor Log Monitoring System when they check-in.

3. Improve efficiency

Visitor log software removes the manual, laborious process of receptionists having to check visitors in at a location. Instead, it creates an electronic visitor log to deliver an automated, digital process that allows Front of House staff to focus on other tasks and provide a great visitor experience.

4. Minimise health compliance risks

In our office facilities management checklist, current health and safety compliance requires visits to business premises and sites must be conducted in line with social distancing guidelines.

With visitor sign-in books, visitors often spend 5-15 minutes waiting in a reception area for receptionists to complete the manual process. This creates a busy reception with queues, thus exposing visitors to a congested reception and at risk of being contaminated with Covid-19.

5. Store your visitor data securely

Creating a visitor log in traditional signing-in books is time-consuming and put the business at risk of breaking visitor management GDPR. They can be stolen easily; visitor information is readily available to anyone at the desk if the book is left open and visitor data is more difficult to erase.

Using a cloud-based digital visitor log can ensure the visitor data is stored securely. Our partner, Proxyclick, have above-industry-standard security features to store the electronic visitor log.

In addition, Proxyclick hosts in Europe, which means customers can be assured that their own data is stored, handled and anonymised in accordance with GDPR.

Read more about GDPR.


How does visitor log software work within Vgreet?

We have two main integrated partners that provide Vgreet’s meeting booking and check-in process; they both provide an efficient and safe digital process to gather and record visitor information.

Proxyclick is a cloud-based visitor management system in the UK for the global enterprise, featuring visitor check-in, visitor pass printing, and host notifications. Users can manage visitor lists, information and employee lists using the visitor dashboard feature. Proxyclick integrations enable users to manage visitors, ensure the security of multiple buildings and upkeep a strong brand image.

Condeco provides integrated workplace management, meeting room booking software and desk booking systems for enterprises around the world. Its software synchronises the visitor log with Office 365:

  • ​Any updates on visitor’s details or meetings in office 365 synchronise Vgreet visitor management system.
  • As part of that synchronisation, the visitor log is kept in both systems and synchronised.
  • Enable Condeco to produce a visitor list for the reception.

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