We Simplify. We Adapt. We Care.


At Vpod, we want to challenge the first impression of technology; that it is complex and hard to adapt to.

Founded in 2008, we were built around three core values: keeping the ‘Human Element’ in technology, maintaining ‘Culture & Integrity’ at work, and creating a ‘Platform’ that is adaptable and customisable within any space.

We care about our customers and their challenges and share their vision to grow. As a company with global reach, we have our own in-house manufacturer and, through a consultative approach, are equipped to provide your workplace with solutions, as and when it evolves.



Meet the Team

The Vpod team is a group of passionate, dedicated, and driven individuals with a wide range of skills, backgrounds, ages and aspirations. We combine expertise in user journeys, software, product design, innovation, and technology. All members of the team are dynamic and add unique and intrinsic value to the offering that Vpod is able to provide to its clients.

Chris Schiel


Adam Forsyth


Scott Beeton

Director of Strategic Growth and Finance

Paul Twitchell

Sales Director

Keith Wilhelm
VP of Sales and Operations for North America
Guy Pollard

Business Development Director

Simone Fenton-Jarvis

Group Director of Workplace Transformation and Consultancy

Oliver Wren

Channel Sales Manager

Dave Willoughby
Head of Professional Services
Jamie Watson

Customer Success & Strategic Partner Manager

Rebecca Wren

Head of Marketing

Irene Lihsuan Yang

Senior SEO & Digital Marketing Specialist

Mariusz Czarnota

Head of Engineering

Kevin Brant

Director A&D

Daniel Millyard

Graphic Designer

Milie Fiirgaard
Content Writer & Digital Marketing
Colin Morris
Technical Service Lead
Patricia Akinkuade

Software Developer

Kate Fenton-Jarvis
Compliance Manager
Coren Pollard
Senior Project Coordinator