ROI & Beyond: How Can Visitor Management Software Benefit Your Bottom Line?

We present a more comprehensive ROI evaluation that takes both quantity and quality into account. You will learn how to quantify some of the ROI of visitor management software and look at the intangible returns.

Face to Face vs. Virtual Receptionist: Why Not Both?

Say goodbye to the days of missed calls; With a Virtual Receptionist, your customer service is always available! But does that mean goodbye to a face-to-face reception too? #Virtual vs Ftf – we say, why choose?

Meet and Greet at Automated Smart Reception: A Beginner Guide

Considering a smart reception? Read more about the challenges, how automated visitor management systems can help, and how to choose the best solution.

Modernising Receptions: Do Self-Service Kiosks Substitute or Supplement Human Interactions?

Self-service reception is often perceived as a device that encourages a lack of human interaction. How to make a difference?

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